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Alcohol Addiction is Treatable and Preventable

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The Sinclair Method (TSM) was developed more than 30 years ago and naltrexone, the generic medication used for treatment, has been FDA-approved for alcoholism since 1994. Yet we still hear some of the same heartbreaking stories:

"Why didn't anyone ever tell me about the Sinclair Method?"

"If only I'd known about TSM sooner."

"I wish they had heard of TSM before alcohol stole their life."

In June of 2013, the C Three Foundation knew of only TWO doctors in the United States who were treating patients using TSM. Today, there are nearly 200 offices or clinics in 15 countries around the world offering this life-saving treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) and risky drinking.

In addition to those offices, TSM is available through telemedicine in 46 states, plus Washington D.C., as well as in the United Kingdom and coast to coast throughout Canada and Australia.

Reaching out to doctors, nurses, and addiction professionals around the world is a time consuming and costly process. We have made great progress in the last six and a half years, but there is still so much more to be done.

We lost some momentum in 2019 due to lack of funding to maintain our exhibit schedule, which allows us to be face to face with hundreds of medical and addiction professionals in just a few days. However, we shifted our efforts to creating stronger relationships with the providers in our network and created fliers that they can display in their offices.

As we look forward to 2020 and the new decade that is about to begin, our ability to continue raising awareness depends on the support we get from our donors. As a public charity, 84% of our support comes from donations and grants, with 16% coming from programs such as our Key Chain Program and sales of our award-winning documentary film One Little Pill.

With your support, we can change, "Why didn't anyone tell me about TSM sooner?" to "My life is so much better thanks to TSM!"

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